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Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores in Buffalo, NY

“Buffalo’s best kept secret for furniture and bedding since 2011!”

The Buffalo store is locally owned and operated, and part of a 20+ store buying group.  This provides our customers with the best of both worlds.  Our customer’s receive the home town service that our community is known for, while having the purchasing power of a national chain.   Our service is second to none in WNY and here are a few reasons why;

1.    We DO NOT chase customers around the showroom!

2.    We DO NOT raise our prices just to have a sale.  We are sale price and below all the time.

3.    It’s about your needs and wants, so we look out for your budget!  We never try to sell you the special of the week, or up sell you to spend more money.  We realize if we can recommend something that can save you money you will tell your friends about us, and our store will be your first stop the next time you need furniture.

4.    You only pay for what you need.  A lot of other stores jack up their price to include delivery, set up and take away, and call it free.  That’s not free, it is simply over charging a good customer. The majority of customers do not need all of those services, so we break it out of our pricing and you just pay for what you need. And if you need all of that we are still cheaper. 

5.    Your sales person is Yours!  The sales person has the power to make every decision, from start to finish, with your sale to ensure you are a happy customer.  You have the sales person’s personal cell phone number, and he or she makes the decisions for the store about your purchase.  If you have any question or issues just call them on their cell phone, and they will take care of it. No waiting for days because the sales person needs to ask the manager, scheduler, finance guy, or corporate. No frustration just straight talk.

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